grow your food with Seeding Square

3 Simple Steps

step 1

Step 1

Press Seeding Square firmly into the soil

astep 2

Step 2

Poke the colour coded seed holes to the correct depth with the wand

step 3

Step 3

Deposit your seeds into the holes then lift the Seeding Square and cover the seeds with soil

bumper vegitable crop

The ultimate gardening tool!

Seeding Square is a square-foot, color coded tool that will have you planting a vegetable garden with every type of seed (or seedling) at its optimum spacing and depth.

Saves you money

With produce prices on the rise, growing your own food is great for the budget...and healthy too!

Grow more veggies & less weeds

Optimized space gives 2-5 times more veggies and locks weeds out

Fun to use

Simplifies the planting process with its straightforward plant-by-color approach

Low maintenance garden

The few weeds that make it are easy to spot as the veggies only grow in a grid formation

The benefits of Seeding Square

  • Seeding Square is great for all sizes of garden, as well as ages and experience levels.
  • Planting can be done in rows or by square foot.
  • Optimizes your garden plot for the highest yield possible.
  • Organizes the layout of your garden.
  • Reduces the amount of weeds and makes them easy to spot.
  • Perfect spacing of your seeds is fun and easy with colour-coded holes.
child planting seeds with seeding square

Seeding Square includes

  1. Seeding Square
  2. Planting spoon & wand
  3. Seeding funnel
  4. Planting guides and instructions
seeding square kit


Amazing product

"These Seeding Squares are everything I hoped they would be! I can't wait to start using them in all of my gardens."

What a fantastic idea

"The planting itself went really quickly and took the guesswork out of it and I wound up with the straightest rows I've ever had, with no need to thin my plants as they came up."

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